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Understanding Professional Teeth Whitening

Only dentists are able to use the strongest concentrations of peroxide delivered via safe methods providing the best results. You may be thinking ‘but it is too expensive!’ Thankfully this is no longer the case. Dentists are now able to offer products for every budget, including whitening strips, dissolving whitening strips and best of all, whitening trays.

The cost of the products will vary depending on the results they can achieve and the amount of time involved in administering the treatment.

We provide a comprehensive range of professional teeth whitening and oral care products to cater for all of your oral care needs. This helps set us apart from our competitors as we are the only company providing such a comprehensive range of teeth whitening products.


The BEAM In-Office professional whitening system is our most effective whitening system and is designed for people who want to significantly whiten their teeth to a considerably whiter shade.

It is a treatment that begins with an hour appointment in your chosen dental surgery where the whitening gel is applied to your teeth by a dental professional. Our BEAM LED light is then used to accelerate the whitening process whilst you are in the chair.

You will then be given whitening gel to use alongside custom-fitted whitening trays at home following the appointment. The type of gel you receive will be decided by your dentist and be based on a number of factors.


Application Time: 45 minute in-chair followed by take-home whitening*

Treatment Length: Initial appointment 1 hour – take home 14 –21 days

Average shade change: 8+ shades

Results last: 12-24 months

*Take-home whitening helps to boost initial shade and ensure that results last longer.


Tray whitening is the absolute best way to whiten teeth in terms of resulting shade change and how long results last. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send to a dental laboratory to create a custom whitening-tray for you. This will take 7-10 days and is worth the wait to have a perfect fitting tray! You can then choose between a daytime solution, which is worn for 60-90 minutes, or a night time solution which is worn in bed over night.

Results are basically identical regardless of whichever option you take; it is more a matter of discussing with your dentist which treatment will fit best with your lifestyle.

The treatment is fairly straightforward: you apply the gel to your tray using our syringes that your dentist will provide. You wear your tray as instructed by your dentist; take it out and rinse when done. You will repeat this every day for roughly 2 weeks or slightly longer in some cases.

Always use as instructed by your dentist but only a very small amount of gel is required. Applying twice the amount of gel will not give twice the result but will increase the risk of sensitivity – there are no short-cuts to a healthy white smile!


This gel is faster acting than the carbamide peroxide option and would be worn for 60 – 90 minutes during the day. This works really well for heavily stained teeth.


This gel works in a different way to hydrogen peroxide and the percentages should not be compared. This gel has slow release ingredients so can be worn for longer periods, usually overnight.


Application Time: 60-90 minutes during the day or 4-8 hours overnight

Treatment Length: 14-21 days

Average shade change: 7.8 Shades (based on a 2 week treatment)

Results last: 12-24 months


Professional Teeth whitening strips are the most popular way to whiten teeth in the world! These adhesive strips are pre-loaded with whitening gel so you simply peel, apply to your teeth and wear for 1 hour. When you are done just throw them away! You have 14 sets in a pack so you can wear once a day for 2 weeks or if you are in a hurry you can shorten the course to 7 days and apply twice daily.

WhiteWash Laboratories strips use a patented dry solution, which makes the strips feel like sellotape. When comparing this to other brands it is much more adhesive meaning that the strip will not move during application and therefore gives a much more comfortable experience, removing the need to readjust or reposition the strips mid-use. You can actually wear them without anyone knowing (although, it might take a couple of goes before you are confident enough to venture outside wearing them!).

The dry solution means the strips are active for longer compared to most other strips, which are only active for 30 minutes because they use a wet solution, which is less stable. This means you get twice the amount of whitening time using WhiteWash Strips!


Application Time: 60 minutes

Treatment Length: 7-14 days

Average shade change: 4.1 Shades (based on a 2 week treatment)

Results last: 8-12 months

Dissolving teeth whitening strips are also available which have a shorter application time of 15-20 minutes. These strips slowly dissolve which means that there’s no strip to remove afterwards. This whitening option is more affordable than the regular peelable whitening strips however you would have to do 3 or 4 applications to get the same whitening effect as one peelable 1 hour whitening strip.


Whitening toothpaste can help to remove stains and restore teeth back to their natural whiteness. Your teeth naturally discolour as you eat and drink, even if you have had your teeth whitened. By using a dentist recommended whitening toothpaste you can keep your teeth whiter for longer. Our whitening toothpastes can also help remove plaque, protect against tartar and cavities and of course keep your teeth and gums clean and fresh.


+ Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste

+ Brush with dry bristles (don’t rinse under the tap before brushing)

+ Brush for 2 minutes

+ Spit your toothpaste out but don’t rinse! By not rinsing you keep the great ingredients on your teeth for longer


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