At WhiteWash Laboratories, we want to be completely transparent with our customers. The below Privacy Policy explains how WhiteWash Laboratories uses your personal data when shopping with us online.


1.0 What’s changed?

European Data Protection law changed on 25th May 2018. WhiteWash Laboratories, like all other organisations, must provide more information about the purposes for which we use your personal data, the rights you have over it and what that means. The way we use your data has not changed.


2.0 Our Promise

WhiteWash Laboratories is dedicated to protecting your privacy and we use your personal information to better your experience shopping with us. We will never sell your information to third parties and will be transparent with you on how and why we collect your personal information as well as how we intend to use it. If you have any further questions regarding this policy, please contact us at


3.0 Data Controllers

Throughout this Privacy Policy, ‘we’ or ‘WhiteWash Laboratories’ means companies within Whitewash Laboratories, including its subsidiaries and joint ventures. We may share your personal information with these companies to better your experience, handle any complaints or queries and to provide the best customer service. Within WhiteWash Laboratories, we have 3 designated data controllers which are stated below.

Mr T. Riley (Managing Director)

Mrs L. Coulton (Operations Manager)

Miss M. Lillie (Digital Marketing Executive)


4.0 Collecting your information

WhiteWash Laboratories collects personal information whenever you visit our website. Some of this information is collected directly, for example, when you place an order on our website. Other information is collected indirectly, for example, when you post a comment on our Facebook page.

4.1 Cookies:

A cookie is a file in your web browser that enables us to recognise your computer when you visit our website and makes using our website quicker and easier. They are essential to the functionality of various parts of our website and we use them to collect information about how the site is used, how many people return to the website and what pages are viewed. We utilise ‘Facebook Pixel’ to assist with our online advertising which recognises a unique cookie we place on your web browser. This helps us discover which advertisements are most effective. All information collected this way is anonymous and doesn’t identify you personally.

4.2 Cookie Usage:

We use cookies on for the following purposes;

  • Website Functionality – Cookies are used so that you can navigate and use our website easily and log on to secure areas such as your account.
  • Performance Management – Cookies collect information about how visitors use our website, this information is collated so that it doesn’t identify individuals and it is used to improve website user experience.
  • Website Features – The cookies allow our website to remember details such as your log-in details to make your experience easier and quicker.
  • Marketing & Advertising – These cookies are used to deliver adverts that are more appropriate to you as well as continually tailor those advertisements to ensure they are as effective as possible. The cookies remember that you have visited a website and this then may be shared with other organisations for advertising purposes.

4.3 Restricting/Blocking Cookies:

As described above, some parts of our website need Cookies to function appropriately. By default, cookies are enabled on your device and disabling them would affect your website experience with us. By doing this, you will need to re-enter basic details every time you visit the website and we won’t be able to make the website more personal to you. If you wish to restrict, block or delete cookies from, you can do this via your internet browser.

4.4 Shared Computers:

If you log into your WhiteWash Laboratories account on a shared computer, please be aware that cookies may cause your email address to display in the login field to anyone who uses the website on that computer after you. To avoid this, you can clear the cookies stored by the web browser.

4.5 Information from Social Media:

From time to time, we may obtain information posted publicly on social media sites to help us understand how our customers interact with us and their thoughts on our brand. This does not identify individual customers. If we intend to use your information from a social media website such as Instagram, we will contact you for permission first. If you raise a query or complaint through our social media pages, we will have a record of your username and any other details you may provide us with. This is only used to enable us to correspond with yourself, resolve the matter raise and keep it in a Complaints document.


5.0 How & why we use your personal information

We use your personal information for various reasons. Some are essential for us to provide the services you use or to fulfil legal obligations, some are to help us run our business more efficiently and some enable us to provide you with more relevant offers and information. We must have a reason and a legal ground for processing your personal information and some of the common ones we rely on are explained below.

Reason for Processing Detail Example Your Rights
Consent You’ll be asked to confirm you are happy to provide your personal data and that you give us permission to process it. All details including why we want your data, how it’ll be used and if your data will be shared will be provided at the time of asking for your consent. WhiteWash Laboratories may use consent where we’re asking you to confirm your marketing preferences to ensure we only contact you via the medium you’ve chosen. If some of your details have changed, you can update and amend details at any time. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you no longer want WhiteWash Laboratories to hold your data, you can request for it to be erased.
Contractual Necessity WhiteWash Laboratories will process with necessary data to fulfil a contract between ourselves and you (the customer) In most instances, this is required so that we can ship our products to you. If you object to this, we cannot fulfil your order.
Legal Obligation WhiteWash Laboratories will, on occasion, be under a legal obligation to obtain and disclose your personal data. Where possible, Boots will notify you when processing your data due to a legal obligation, however, that may not always be possible. To prevent and help detect criminal activity, we may share information with the Police in a secure manner. It’s important we comply with its legal requirements. If you object to this, we cannot provide you with our services/products.
Legitimate Interest WhiteWash Laboratories may hold personal data for our own legitimate business interest. This relates to us managing our business enabling us to give you the best experience but this doesn’t automatically override your interests. We may process your information to protect you against fraud when transacting on our website and to ensure our systems are secure.

We have an interest in ensuring our marketing is relevant to you, so we may process information to send you marketing that’s tailored to you.

If you have an issue about the processing, you gave the right to object to processing that is based on our legitimate interests,


5.1 Providing our products/services:

We use your personal information to provide our products and services. For example, setting up and running your account, processing orders and transactions etc. We may use it to contact you about the orders you place if an appropriate situation did arise. We may contact you in emergency situations, such as an urgent product recall or where we have a duty of care to notify you of information that could affect your health.

5.2 Keeping records up to date:

We’re under a legal obligation to keep the personal data we hold correct and up to date where possible.

5.3 Crime prevention and detection:

WhiteWash Laboratories, like all retailers, undertakes certain activities to enable us to provide customers and colleagues with a safe, secure and legal environment online. We use secure and reliable payment services to ensure personal data is kept protected when ordering online.

5.4 Customer Research:

We incorporate analytics into our website to learn more about our customers and how they interact with our website. This allows us to amplify the effectiveness of our advertising and understand our business on various levels. This doesn’t include data that would allow us to identify individuals.

5.5 Marketing material:

We use your personal information you provide to send you offers across various platforms. You will always be asked if you wish to receive these. You can opt in and out of our email newsletters by updating your preferences online – you will never receive these unless you opt-in in the first instance.


6.0 Your Data 

6.1 Keeping your personal information:

We keep your personal information for as long as we have a business reason to do so or until you wish to remove it. Your data will always be stored securely and won’t be used for any other purposes.

6.2 Securing your payment details:

WhiteWash Laboratories have been issued with a Secure Server Digital Certificate that proves our website is legitimate and provides an encrypted communication channel to protect the information that is passed when making a purchase. All credit/debit card payments are securely handled by SagePay and are never stored within WhiteWash Laboratories.

6.3 Staying in control of your information:

We understand and respect the fact that your information is your information so we have made it easy for you to change your details and/or marketing permissions. If you wish to change any information we hold on you or spot any mistakes, please contact us.

6.4 Your right of access:

If you would like to know the information WhiteWash Laboratories has on you or how it is used, please contact us on This has to be provided within 30 days by ourselves and is free of charge to you.

6.5 Your right to request deletion:

Whilst you remain a customer of WhiteWash Laboratories, we will process and hold your data as described in this Privacy Policy. We will also hold your data once you cease to be a customer. You do, however, have a right to request that we remove all the personal data that we hold on you. Please contact us on to request your data to be removed

6.6 Who to contact:

For all questions relating to this policy please contact

6.7 Your right to complain to the ICO:

Although we hope it never comes to this, you do have the right to complain to the ICO about any WhiteWash Laboratories processing activities at


7.0 Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was updated in May 2018. Please check back here occasionally as amendments may occur. If we make changes that we think may significantly affect you, we will provide you with a prominent notice by the most appropriate channel so you are aware of the changes before they happen.

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