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Where should I store the whitening gels?

The whitening gels just need to be stored between 5 – 25 degrees Celsius so a fridge will be OK.

What shall I advise my patients in terms of diet?

Ideally you would recommend avoiding strong coloured food and drink during the whitening treatment period however this isn’t always practical to do. As a minimum, we would recommend them avoiding having strongly coloured food / drink before and after the whitening treatment – try to wait at least an hour after whitening or longer if possible.

Why do you recommend the Floss, Wash, Brush routine?

This is because floss helps remove any food, plaque, debris etc, mouthwash helps wash them away, neutralise the pH and any acidity in your mouth and the toothpaste has the strongest concentrations of ingredients so this should be used last. After you’ve finished brushing, you should spit the toothpaste out but not rinse it away –  effectively you want to leave the toothpaste on teeth for it to work its magic rather than washing it all off with water.

How often should professional whitening gel be used?

As a general rule, most patients tend to do a full course of whitening; 1 to 2 weeks, every 6 to 12 months depending on level of dietary stains, coffee, smoking, etc. Other patients whiten their teeth for 1 to 2 days per month just to maintain things as they go.

Where can patients activate their Sonic Toothbrush Warranty?

Please navigate your patient’s to this page to activate their SW2000 Toothbrush Warranty?

SW2000 Warranty

Where can I sign up to your Mailing List for special offers and a staff price list?

Please sign up to our Mailing List here. You will receive an automatic email with our Staff Price Lsit.

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